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EPIC MegaGrants Recipient & Texture Tool Plugin Release

Hello everyone! its been a while since any updates, sorry about that. I have been hard at work on pushing a new project with Virtual Basement, I am unfortunately unable to provide any more information about this project but it will be announced soon!

I was recently awarded an Epic MegaGrant, this should give me the push to get more assets out and updates flowing. Big thanks to Epic Games for this opportunity! I have also recently released my new Texture Tools asset on the marketplace, which is an editor plugin that provides expanded texture modification settings such as, Channel packing, Texture Filters, Noise Creation, and lots more. I have added a documentation section to my website which currently contains details and tutorials on how to use the Texture Tools Plugin.

My next asset will be called Developer Essentials, originally the Texture Tools were going to be apart of this asset but it ended up being large enough to be its own product. Developer Essentials will be focused on master materials, material functions, small tech tools and a base to use for all projects.

Please check out my Discord

Thanks everyone for the support!


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