Texture Tools Update v1.1 Released

I just released an update to the texture tools, which adds some better usability.

Full update list below.

  • Added ability to export texture to disk with the formats (png, jpg, bmp, exr)

  • Fixed Issues with Alpha Channels

  • Added ability to select Output Path and Export Path

  • Added ability to show toggle the alpha channel in the Output Preview

  • Inputting textures now use the asset explorer dialog, but also added ability to "Use Selected Asset from Content Browser" and "Browse to Texture in Content Browser"

  • Added dropdown for "Fixed Resolutions" for easy access to common texture resolutions.

A new youtube video has been uploaded which covers some use cases on how the texture tools would work in a development environment.

Future goals for this tool is to have the ability to add batching support, which means it can be capable of importing and exporting mass textures.

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