This will cover the how to use the Texture Noise Tool

This noise generator has 6 different noise types:
1 Simplex, 2 Gradient Texture, 3 Fast Gradient Texture, 4 Gradient Computational, 5 Value, and 6 Voronoi.
You can select which noise to use via the "Noise Type" selection.

Tiling is enabled by default, but not all noise textures can be tiled. Simplex and Fast Gradient are not tileable. Fast Gradient is locked at a 16x16 Tile.

All noise textures will have the same settings except for Voronoi which will have an additional quality setting. The main settings are: Scale (changes the scale of the noise), Z Offset (changes the z axis offset, useful for different generation), Filter Width, Output min/max (changes the clamp value), Levels (amount of noise levels).

Generate Texture will save to a "_Output" folder created in your content browser.

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